Ice out Slam-on

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Check out this nice ice out salmon landed by Matt in the SRCA. The video shows the girth well .and the picture shows the length. The fish went 24 inches, no girth measurements were taken.



Chicago Trout Bum Logo Contest

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I’m looking for a new banner. As the site grows, the fear of a cease-and-desist letter grows along with it. I love our current logo, but we need something unique and original. We’re looking for a clean, crisp Chicago Trout Bum logo. The contest will run the entire month of April with a prize of 4 dozen custom flies. If you are an amateur or professional artist and would like to take a crack at this, drop us a line. Chosen artwork will become property of the blog, but designers will be given full credit.

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Jones Outfitters Announces Fish of the Month Contest

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Jones Outfitters announced yesterday the start of their new Lake Placid Fly Guys “Fish of the Month” contest. The contest is great fun and an excellent opportunity to share your memories with others. The biggest fish means nothing in this contest (although it could mean something) and all entries big or small will be considered. The winner is chosen each month by Jones Outfitters staff and recieves a gift package. All of the fish in the contest must be landed in the month of the current contest and must be landed in the region. Good Luck!



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I had the chance to fish a pond in the canoe area on easter and I was pleased to find some success, in a few short hours the ice line had receded a few hundred feet in the morning allowing me to get in the pond around 1:00pm. The fishing for salmon was very good and I watched a friend of mine pull in three fish over 25in. I opted for a more traditional fishing method and trolled flies all day managaing to pull in a brown and a couple splake. I will certainly be spending a great deal more time out there in the coming weeks.

Online mags are on FIRE!

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Check out this video I found by way of the new Sleeping in the Dirt virtual mag and while youre at it check out the magazine found via Jones Outfitters.



Ausable is Fishing Again

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Early Season Brown Trout

Finally fishing trout again ! The 2010 season kicked off with a bang the last few days, the river became fishable again and the trout were easy to fool, that is if you made a thousand casts per fish and hit them inside the mouth with your flies but I will take tough fishing over no fishing any day.

Sick Threads

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Check out these sweet threads from Bugslinger, nobody is doing what these people are doing so check them out. They have so many cool products to choose from and their website is just plain fun to browse through.

Check out their site HERE